Any System, Anywhere

The HazeGaming NPC Generator has been designed to work on all major PC Operating Systems and has been tested on Windows, Linux, and Mac.

An internet connection is required to get automatic updates but is not required to run the program.

The latest version of Java is recommended. Java version 8 or higher is required.


Easy to Use

Whether you need 5 NPCs or 50,000, the HazeGaming NPC Generator is easy to use and quick to provide results.

Featuring simple selection tools, you’re able to create completely random or semi-random NPCs to fit your needs.


Designed with the intent of being able to support homebrew content, the HazeGaming NPC Generator has been built to support user changes to nearly all of the XML and Text files which the program relies upon. A small understanding of XML will help, but is completely unnecessary, as the pattern to follow should be easily recognizable.

Features include

  • First and Last names, with optional nicknames
  • Race & Subrace selection
  • Age, Profession, Personality
  • Additional details (essentially easter-eggs & flavor)
  • Basic stat generation
  • Ability to edit and customize source files

Follow the project

If you want to follow the project, you can check out my GitHub page to explore the code, fork the project, or submit any feedback or bugs.